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Module 1

Meeting with
your endometriosis and Ayurveda

ayurveda coaching

The problem and its Ayurvedic solution ...

→ You have endometriosis

and suffer physically and psychologically

→ Take a step back to find yourself

→ Get better in a natural way

  But where to start ?

I offer you an exploration in Ayurveda,
the best ally towards responsible health.

This video will allow you to familiarize yourself
with the basic concepts then to approach Ayurveda
in gynecology and discover  its efficiency.

Cet accompagnement ne constitue en aucun cas un substitut d’avis médical, ni un moyen de diagnostic, de traitement ou de prévention.

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 Module 2

Hormonal system. Fatty acids-  Micro nutrition -  Yoga

 Module 3

Digest well according to Ayurveda - Food Guide 

 Module 4

Emotions - Manage stress - Strengthen immunity

Join the Yoga Online Classes
for Endometriosis

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