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Yin Yoga to restore yourself

An invitation to slow down and pause.


I will guide you through a process of surrender of the body and mind so we can create space, bring safety, soothe the nervous system and reduce stress for a better hormonal balance.


Through the yin practice, we will bring awareness and love to each cell of our body. We hold each pose for a few minutes, slow and somatic movement would be present as well as a nourishing savasana (relaxation) at the end of the class.


This style of yoga is complementary to a more active approach and helps to balance with our very active lifestyle. As this practice is very relaxing, warm clothing is very welcome.


"The more silent you become, the more you can hear", Ram Dass



6-7pm Yin meets Ayurveda

Online - via Green ayurveda



Online via Enso yoga


7:30-8:45 pm

Online & in studio at Enso Yoga



At Rolling tiger Studio



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